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Top Ten Coffee Franchise Shop Myths

  1. To own a coffee shop you have to work 70-80 hours per week. When a coffee shop is first open a new owner will have to put in a lot of hours. However after a few months most coffee franchise owners can have a normal life.This is achieved by hiring and training the right people to work for you. There are many people looking to work in a coffee house atmosphere. Many college aged students love the flexible hours and social parts of the job. These part time helpers are usually professional and give the franchisee owner an opportunity to have a life outside the shop.
  2. A Coffee Shop Franchise does not make a lot of profits. A coffee shop features a lot of highly profitable drinks. The margin are sometimes 3-4 times the actually cost to produce the drinks. Wow what a mark-up. However there are costs such as rent, utilities, and payroll that must be considered. As long as a store has good volume combined with moderate rent a franchisee owner can make around $75000-140000 annually. Ones income has a lot to do with the location of the shop.
  3. Coffee Shops Franchises are too high. A coffee shop franchise usually cost between $10,000 to $35,000. It varies a lot due to the brand as well as the type or model chosen. However, this is inline with most concepts that offer a similar amount of revenue. However few concepts offer the profit margins that coffee shop delivers.
  4. Making those gourmet drinks is just too difficult. It really is very simple. Most of today’s espresso machines are programmed to deliver just the right amount of espresso for the size of drink you are making. The milk for drinks are usually steamed to 160 degrees. Then add syrup or sauce to flavor the drink. You will learn after a few days what amount of flavor to use to make each size drink taste terrific.
  5. Do Baristas have to go to Italy to learn how to make drinks? No, most of the franchises will provide you with the training to make a wide variety of drinks. A barista refers to one being like a chef of gourmet coffee beverages. After a few weeks you will probably be getting your own aprons embroidered with the a barista logo.
  6. It is impossible to learn the coffee language that franchises use? No, it is a lot simpler than learning how to use excel on your computer. Short is an 8oz drink, tall is a 12oz drink, grande is a 16oz drink, Venti or super grande is a 20oz drink. That’s the hard part. Macchiato means marked. So a Carmel Macchiato means marked with caramel. Latte refers to steamed milk and a cappuccino refers to frothed milk.So a tall vanilla latte is actually a 12oz coffee drink with steamed milk with vanilla flavoring. See its all fairly easy.
  7. Coffee Shops have to be opened very early in the morning. Depend on your definition of early. Coffee shops that open around 6:30 in most places will be open early enough to catch the prime customers. Before this time most orders are usually just for brewed coffee. Brewed coffee is both a lower price point and a lower margin than the specialty drinks.
  8. The most important thing about a coffee shop is its quality of coffees to be successful. Location is without a doubt one of the highest factors to determine the success of a coffee shop. Being located on a corner or close to lifestyle type of businesses such as chiropractors, work out places, malls, movie theaters and other positive business will help your operation. Locating next to a car repair shop that some might look negative upon when receiving their bill might hurt you. The next thing is how much your feel welcomed and the speed of service. These are probably the next factors in my opinion.
  9. I am afraid of all the government interventions from local politicians.Local politicians will reach out to you in a positive manner. They need you. Coffee shops historically have always been a place to discussed ideas and exchange opinions. The local politicians will reach out for you to help get out certain messages to the community. So the politicians will be your friend.
  10. It is impossible to find out which coffee franchise to buy.There are web sites that offer great reviews about coffee franchises that are available. Every entrepreneur should look for a concept that best suits their own personality and interest. One site offers a lot of information that will help you narrow down the field on which concept you prefer. This is a great site to visit even if you just want to know more about opening an independent coffee house.