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Zizzos_LogoZizzo’s Coffee offers personal freedom combined with an opportunity to gain financial independence.  Zizzo’s Coffee Enterprises, LLC provides a brand name that is accepted nationwide.  In addition to this accepted brand name, the company offers national purchasing power, extensive training programs, and lifelong support.  Combine this with superior customer service and a drive to provide a high quality beverage, and the Zizzo’s Coffee franchise is born with all the support possible from the parent company.

Zizzo’s is a new concept in coffee which is energized by the desire to offer the best quality coffee.  The company also offers flavorful espresso drinks.  The experience of the company, combined with proven concepts, provides franchises with an opportunity to succeed in the coffee industry.  Zizzo’s brings with it an array of proprietary recipes, a proven service plan, and designs for state of the art coffee houses.

The initial franchise fee for Zizzo’s Coffee is $35,000 for a new location, with discounts available for multiple store purchases.  In addition to this initial fee, there is a weekly royalty fee, also known as a continuing franchise fee.  This royalty is a percentage of the total weekly gross revenue.  This is standard practice in the franchise business, and is used to maintain and create ongoing programs to improve the overall company.

The franchise agreement is signed for a 10 year period, with the option for another 10 years upon completion.  No previous experience is required for a franchise opportunity with Zizzo’s.  The company prefers to put its emphasis on desire and effort as opposed to a requirement of experience.  This is proven with the startup equipment provided for each franchise, including furnishings, build out materials, and other basic equipment.  This”Store in a Box” package is customized to fit the specific needs of each franchise, and is everything that is needed to get a franchise up and running. Training is provided by Zizzo’s to the franchisee.  This training is an extensive two week process, split between the classroom and in store time.  The training covers all aspects of the Zizzo’s Coffee franchise.  Each franchise is granted an exclusive territory based upon demographics such as population and distance from other franchises.

With a product as in demand as coffee,  Zizzo’s has created a foothold in a growing market that will continue to grow in the future.  The company continues to grow throughout the country, as franchises continue to dot the nation.  A company with a proven service model and product that has been around for years in one form or another, there is no fear that the company will be unable to keep up with the needs of its franchises.  With an ongoing support system that continues to grow the franchise as well as the company as a whole, a franchise can operate on it’s own without feeling alone