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tropical_smoothie_logoTropicana is one of the most instantly recognizable brands when it comes to all things fruit juice. They have been around for decades longer than the competitors in that niche market. Tropicana Smoothies, Juices, and More! Tropicana Smoothie Franchises are now available, and potential franchisees will have all the power of that hugely well known branding behind them. Tropicana Smoothie, Juices, and More! Franchises are designed to provide more than just smoothies, as they also partner with regional frozen food partners to serve the best in frozen yogurt and cream along with their health conscious smoothies year round. They constantly strive to combine the best in ingredients and product with the power of their branding to provide a one stop location for frozen, fruity snacks and beverages of all kind.

Tropicana has extremely large brand recognition, with some putting it at over 95%. This is an instant, built in marketing plan for the operator of a Tropicana Smoothies franchise. The partners they join with to bring their frozen yogurt and ice cream options are also recognized brands such as Atkins and I can’t
believe its Yogurt!. These partnerships only add to the strong brand recognition present in any franchise of the Tropicana Smoothies, Juices and More! chain.

Franchises are available to fit a wide variety of space requirements. Opportunities begin with small less than three hundred square foot kiosks. They can range to as large as twelve hundred square feet restaurants with full seating capacity. They are looking to work with developers and franchise owners with the resources and desire to open multiple franchises and expand control over individual territories. Several new territories are already under development, but more are available.

The Tropicana Smoothies, Juices, and More! Franchise company is operated by CoolBrands, a company that also controls Yogen Fruz, I can’t believe its Yogurt, and many other brands operating in the frozen food and snack markets. This gives CoolBrands the marketing experience and knowledge to efficiently train and promote its franchises as a new and exciting option for frozen snacks of all kinds.

The smoothie market has been growing steadily over the last few years. People love smoothies for a variety of reasons. They are widely believed to be very healthy, by nature of including fresh fruit and frozen yogurt. We live in a health conscious society that is actively seeking these healthier alternatives. Also, smoothies are great tasting and refreshing.

Cool Brands brings its experience in the frozen food marketplace to combine with the brand power of Tropicana to offer Tropicana Smoothies, Juices and More franchise opportunities across the country. Their experience coupled with that universally recognized brand make for a widely recognizable franchise opportunity.

Coffee Franchise Reviews is not actively submitting franchise applications to the Tropicana Smoothies, Juices and More! Company at this time. Please browse our other top franchises, which are currently accepting new franchising opportunity applications.