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starbucks-logoStarbucks strives to provide a consistent quality of coffee at all of their stores across the world. Starbucks purchases and roasts their own beans. They offer a variety of merchandise in their stores from hot and cold coffee and tea drinks, pastries, coffee equipment and accessories. Starbucks also sells whole-bean coffees to supermarkets and specialty sales groups. Starbucks thrives to be one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world not only for coffee, but for providing excellent customer service as well.

The Starbucks Company plans to continue expanding their retail operations and continue improving and expanding their product for customer convenience and satisfaction.

Starbucks is largely defined by where the company has come from, how business is conducted, and who the coffee company has partnered with over time in order to bring consumer outstanding products and services on a consistent basis.

The six primary principles that make up the Starbucks mission statement, allowing this premier coffee company to measure the appropriateness of every decision that it makes. The company”s mission statement includes providing an outstanding work environment and treating one another with dignity and respect, embracing diversity, applying the highest excellence standards to purchasing, roasting and delivery of coffee, developing customers who are enthusiastically satisfied, contributing positively to the community and the environment, and recognizing profitability.

Starbucks is committed to playing a role of environmental leadership in all facets of the business, by understanding environmental issues and sharing that information with partners, bringing about change through the development of innovative and flexible solutions, buying, using and selling environmentally friendly products installing environmental responsibility as one of the corporate values, and measuring and monitoring progress for each of these projects.

The Starbucks Company is a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly and customer-centric specialty coffee and tea company that strives to create happy customers, rather than simply to overwhelm the competition.

While Starbucks does allow for licensing of their products by other companies, they do not offer any franchising opportunities at current. All Starbucks Coffee and Tea locations are corporate owned, and there is no telling whether Starbucks will ever decide to offer franchising opportunities. Please browse our other top franchisors, which are currently accepting new franchising opportunity applications.