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shipleys-donutsShipley Donuts was founded in 1936 and is now one of the fastest growing business opportunities in fast-serve baked goods in the country.  Shipley Donuts has now expanded to 150 stores throughout the Southeast, focusing on Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Alabama, with plans on moving into Tennessee.

Shipley Donuts takes a lot of pride in their products by insuring all stores are consistent in quality and have that light buttery texture on their products while at the same time maintaining their long time family secret.  Shipley uses all natural ingredients at their plant in Texas, and the final product shows the care that”s gone into their product.

Typical store sales per annum run around $400,000.  This makes Shipley Donuts Franchises a good investment opportunity.

Most Shipley Donut locations offer a viewing area where spectators/customers can watch the donuts being made.  The process of watching donuts being made can makes one hungry which drives up sales, especially in high volume areas such as shopping malls.

Shipley Donuts franchise fee is $80,000 because of the high end equipment used the make running the business hassle free.  The equipment is designed to do the cooking itself so your staff can focus on other things.  Shipley’s Donut franchise academy also provides three (3) weeks of hands on training for managing your staff, equipment use and all of the extras needed to make your business successful. Shipley’s also offers assistance in finding the perfect location for your donut franchise.

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