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The Coffee News franchise is a community publication franchise, offering exclusive and local based advertising for community organizations and businesses on a local and widespread basis. The Coffee news franchise originated in 1988 in Manitoba Canada in a city called Winnipeg. The Coffee News franchise is the brainchild of a expert in advertising, super learning and subliminal techniques called Jean Daum.

The Coffee News franchise revolves around a weekly publication that is delivered to restaurants, motels, coffee shops and other similar establishments while serving the advertising needs of small businesses all over. The Coffee News franchise has proven over time that more people tend to absorb the advertising messages that they read before they eat or while they are eating, because there is a need for mental input or food for thought during this time. Coffee News strives to take advantage of this fact, allowing people to soak in the advertising offered in this innovative newsletter more easily than through any other advertising publication in existence today.

The Coffee news franchise offers some of the funniest and some of the most unusual new stories, trivia, amazing facts, lucky numbers, horoscopes, jokes and more inside its pages. Everything that you find within this unique and innov

ative publication is both fun and entertaining, and you will never find any bad news within these pages. The purpose of the Coffee News franchise is to serve as a breath of fresh air for readers who are simply much too tired of only hearing and reading bad news on a consistent basis.
The coffee news franchise is based on creating a publication that only offers positive, happy news and information that people will enjoy. The Coffee news franchise strives to provide the other side of the news, the news that makes people smile, and laugh, and enjoy themselves rather than focusing on the negativity that most publications focus on. Coffee news publications can be read between five and seven times in local restaurants before being recycled or retired to a literature rack that is designed specifically for coffee news franchise publications.

The Coffee news franchise publication is successful because it is good and positive for and to everything that it touches, offering better results for advertisers who want to be a part of a positive and straight forward publication that positively touches everyone who reads it. This publication is a light and entertaining publication, that patrons can pick up on the way to their favorite eateries, providing light reading and positive reading while meals are being prepared and while orders are being taken. It only takes about eight minutes to read a single Coffee News publication.

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