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If  you’ve ever been dragged off the concourse at an airport by hunger pangs, you know the fundamental lure of Cinnabon.  Makers of the world most famous cinnamon rolls, using Makara cinnamon, Cinnabon Franchise has been a staple of airport food courts and concourses for 20 years, and has branched out into other franchising opportunities as well, becoming a side-line destination shop in retail malls across the country

Cinnabon Franchise Team is always on the lookout for business minded people with the drive and zeal to make gooey, yummy cinnamon rolls a profitable venture.  If this is you, Cinnabon offers a lot of support opportunities for franchise partners, particularly those willing to work in high traffic locations, like air port terminals, college campuses, amusement parks and military bases.  Cinnabon”s support starts with access to the freshest ingredients, and their top of the line proprietary glazes and cinnamon. Experienced professionals will help you build your franchise from the ground up, with experience in the operational arts of the franchise and brand and market building.  Cinnabon wants you to succeed in your enterprise and pulls out no stops in helping you do so.

To get into the cinnamon roll business, Cinnabon is looking for entrepreneurs with $100,00 in liquid cash, and $400,000 in total net worth.  The franchise fee for a store is $30,000, and you can expect to put in around $110,000 in capital investments for a micro-bakery. Cinnabon has a hot list of venues they”re looking to expand into, and are actively seeking franchise partners who can help them reach it.

Cinnabon is open to owner-operators, as well as multi-unit owners. Prior to opening your store, Cinnabon will give you access to the FOCUS Brands development network, to help you get started, including referrals to consulting architects and a dedicated field support team. In particular, the Focus Brands support network gives access to people who can assist in financing your operation.

Cinnabon”s top not marketing plans and programs give you the support you need to build traffic, and their institutional focus on only placing stores in locations where foot traffic is strong means that you don”t need to spend as much on marketing – just let the scent of the baking do your traffic pulls for you.

Cinnabon”s ongoing support includes visits from the field team, regular Q&A consultations, and annual business review analysis to help you focus your store”s efforts on the areas that will bring the best revenue increases for the least amount of work.  They also provide a regularly updated operations manual so you can run your business “by the book” and be certain of how things will turn out.

Coffee Franchise Reviews is not actively submitting franchise applications to the Cinnabon Company at this time. Please browse our other top franchises, which are currently accepting new franchising opportunity applications.