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The Chock Full O Nuts Cafe franchise is dedicated on providing coffee products that are bold, robust and most importantly, full of flavor. Not only is the Chock Full O Nuts Cafe concept really extraordinary, but the franchise opportunities that this company offers are also unique. According to the National Coffee Association, more than half of the adult population has a coffee drink every single day. So why not tap into this growing, booming market and generate a profit while working alongside a product that you can be passionate about?’

There are a number of different franchise opportunities available from the Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe, including single drive-thru cafe opportunities, in-line store front opportunities, and even kiosk or cart Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe opportunities. By becoming a Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe franchisee, you will be walked through an intensive training and support program that is followed by additional assistance in operational and marketing facets of the business in order to help you perk up the capabilities of your individual Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe store.

Your success will almost be guaranteed because you will have the backing of a large and successful company. Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe franchise concepts rely heavily upon the purchasing power of the Sara Lee Company, which is the parent company for the Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe franchise and also the second largest roaster of coffees in the

The unique concept behind the Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe is gaining popularity. Quick-serve coffee cafes are difficult to find, but they are an exceptional concept because they are designed to offer speed of service in conjunction with a cafe setting offering specialty signature hot and frozen beverages, muffins, bagels and pastries that are baked on site, and a number of other exceptional options for the consumer on the go. The Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe franchise even offers signature egg sandwiches and omelets that are made “to go”. The Sara Lee company; is the parent company for the Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe, and only services classic New York CHOCK FULL O”NUTS Coffee.

The total investment required for individuals looking to open their own Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe franchise businesses ranges from $272,500 to $425,900 depending on a number of factors, including the initial total franchise fee which itself ranges between $3,000 and $20,000 depending on which Chock Full O Nuts franchise concept you choose. The ongoing royalty fee is 5% and is based on gross monthly sales.

The Chock Full O’ Nuts Cafe concept has been around since 1990, and has been offering coffee franchise business opportunities since 1993 In 2001, more than 75 franchise cafes had opened, which is a large step up from the 8 franchise and company-owned locations that Chock Full O Nuts had in 1997.

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