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caribou-coffe-logoIn order to be considered for a Caribou Coffee business franchise opportunity, there is a small collection of criteria that you must be able to meet, including the following. In order to be considered as a Caribou Coffee’s business franchisee, it is imperative that you:

  • Live and work in the same area that you wish to develop in, and that you have ties to the local business community.
  • Have previous restaurant franchise experience in the same area that you wish to franchise in.
  • Have experience or expertise with commercial real estate in the same area that you wish to franchise in
  • Can commit to a multi-unit development plan, which involves the development of ten or more stores.
  • Have the necessary amount of financial resources that will allow you to develop and grow the Caribou Coffee business franchise brand in your own local market.

If you meet these criteria, then the Caribou Coffee Company believes that you have what it takes to allow your Caribou coffee franchises to grow.

The minimum amount of Caribou coffee franchise locations that can be opened by any one franchisee is currently ten, though the Caribou Coffee Company is recommending unit sizes of as many as twenty, and while there are a number of markets where Caribou coffee business franchise are not available, any market area that does not currently have Caribou Coffee Cafes located in it are open for domestic Caribou coffee franchise opportunities.

Caribou coffee business franchise opportunities are also being offered in a number of international markets depending on region. While in South Korea, Kuwait, U.A.E., Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are currently already under development, there are a number of countries and territories that are open for new and exciting Caribou coffee franchise location development.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Caribou Coffee business franchise opportunities, and feels that he or she meets the required qualifications, including having the right amount of asset liquidity and net worth to open multiple units, is urged co complete a franchise inquiry form directly through the Caribou Coffee website.

Please note that Coffee Franchise Reviews is not actively submitting franchise applications to this company at this time. Please browse our other top franchises, which are currently accepting new franchising opportunity applications.