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Its early in the morning. Your brain says give me caffeine. You order that drink from your favorite coffee franchise. You get your drink and smell the aroma and then you take your first sip. But wait, something is wrong. The barista has either messed up your coffee beverage or your taste buds are not in a good mood.

1. The barista gives you the wrong drink.

This happens more than most people know especially during peak times. Imagine getting in your car after picking up a delicious mocha and heading in to work on your normal commute. Then feeling a bit tired and a little bored; you reach for that steaming hot cup of joe. You expect to be treated by a warm chocolate goodness but instead it takes like pumpkin. Even worse you do not like pumpkin. What a let down! If you turn around and go back and face that long line again you will be late for work. So you decide you will just try to drink as much of the drink as you can. Baristas often get in a hurry and give you the wrong drink or does not properly hear what beverage to make. This made one person in Georgia so upset; that in a few months he opened his own shop with a commitment to ensure that you always get what you order.

2. I ordered decaf why do I have the jitters?

This is one of the most widespread mistakes that baristas will admit they may have made on numerous occasions. If caffeine bothers your systems or affects you adverse be sure you watch the barista make your beverage. It is okay to ask when they hand you the drink this is decaf right?

3. I am a diabetic but I ordered sugar free right?

This mistake is not made a lot. But places where you can watch your hot and tasty beverage being made it is a good idea to keep an eye on the barista making your coffee.Most all baristas surveyed said they may have made that mistake before but on rare occasions.

4. Your hot beverage is handed to you cold!

This may seem funny to you but almost all barista’s surveyed said they have done this at least once. So when you are expecting a hot beverage to be hot and its cold it is a different kind of wake up call.

5. My drink taste sweet but where the espresso?

For whatever reason most all baristas admit that on several occasions that they forgot to put the espresso in your beverage. Sure you still may have what is commonly called a steamer (steamed milk and syrup) but it is not the same. The espresso especially the caffeinated version is what many of us need to get to a great start to our day.

6. OOPS, the lid popped off and my white shirt is ruined!

Most all baristas insist they always put the lid on correctly. However I have been in many coffee shops where the lid pops off and coffee splashes all over a white dress or white shirt. This has all the makings of a very bad day.

7. My drink does not taste right.

Many baristas even at the same store makes drinks differently. This occurs even if there are strict guidelines at the store for consistency. A little less white chocolate in a 16oz drink has a totally different taste then a drink with the normal amount.

8. Too Strong!

Some barista put so much espresso in a drink it’s like drinking out of a burnt tar pit. This is also caused by cheap, spoiled or over-roasted espresso. Make sure if you do not like how the drink taste to tell the barista.

9. Wrong Milk

The barista know I always order a vanilla soy latte. However today I take a sip and its half and half. This drink is known as a breve latte. It’s almost a complete 180 from soy. This also can really set a bad tone for your day.

10. What’s that in my coffee?

To me there nothing worse than ordering a brewed coffee to find out that it is full of grinds. This is usually caused when pressure and steamed has caused the filter in the brew basket to flip during the brewing process. Most good barista always check this. However almost all baristas surveyed said this has happened to them.

So if you want more control of your java maybe you should do what the guy in Georgia did. You might want to open your own shop. One of the best paces to review coffee chop franchises is at . Just please if you open up your own shop do not put grounds in my coffee.